Following questions and answers may be relevant for you. If need to know something else which is not being addressed below, you can directly connect with us over "Contact" page.
Publishing Advertisements
01. How do I publish an advertisement ?
It could be a better idea to create a user account for you before publish ads on "Pet.LK". Then you will be able to manage your ads easily and you will get more features, options with your registration. Then, posting an ad would be quick and easy with step by step onscreen guidance. Though you did not create a user account, you can publish ads on "Pet.LK".

Your ad will be reviewed by admin within next 1 hour after you published during office hours (Mon-Fri | 08:30-17:30) will go live instantly.
02. How do I manage my advertisement(s) ?
Once you logged in to your profile, it will be easy for you with “My Ads” section. You can see 3 menu items there as:

Dashboard : It shows a summary of “Your ads clicked/viewed Summary”, “Active Items”, “Validation Pending”, “Expired” and “Alerts”.
Active : All your advertisement(s) which are live.
Not Validated : All your advertisement(s) which are pending for your validation. (If we have enabled it)
Expired : All your advertisement(s) which are expired after 60 days.
03. How long do ads stay on Pet.LK ?
If you didn’t delete your own ads earlier, they will appear for 60 days.
04. What is the reason that my ads are not shown ?
May be it is still under review, NOT approved, rejected due to violation our posting rules (if any, you will be notified. Check your email inbox/spam mail box.), incomplete payments. If you have been waiting longer than 24 hours, check your profile or contact us.
05. What is "Mark as Premium" ?
It allows you to mark your ad(s) as Premium and show ad(s) in special blocks for premium ad(s) also make them more visible in search or get special label of premium Ad(s).
06. What is "Highlight" ?
It allows to highlight your ad(s) and make them more visible and attractive to other people with a special background color.
07. What can I do with "Move to Top" option ?
It enables you to move ad(s) to top of search. This functionality helps to fight with duplicate ads, instead of publishing copy of existing ad(s), you can renew/move to top ad(s) for fee.
08. Can I published any advertisement ?
Absolutely no. All products should be within Sri Lanka and should not have any legal objections for them.
09. Even I have paid, my ad was rejected. What happen to my money ?
Reason to reject your ad will be sent to your email and you can correct it. If you do not take any action on that, your add will be deleted and money will refund only to your e-wallet.
Creating & Managing a user account
After read and agreed with our “Terms & Conditions” you can proceed for an account creation. After filling the online form and submitted, you will receive an email. You need to click the URL/Link which has given in email for email/user verification. Once done, you will get another confirmation email. If you can’t find an email from us, please also check your spam mail folder as well.
01. How do I login to my account ?
If you have created and activated your account successfully, you can log in using your email/phone number. For the time being, social login authentication has not enabled.
02. Why still I can't log in ?
If your email has been verified by our system, you could be able to log in and we advise you to check your password again.
03. How can I reset my password ?
In “Log in” page, you have a button to recover your “Lost password”. Click it and put your email address, click “Send a new password” button. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click that URL and set a new password for your account.
04. I know my password. But how can I change it ?
Log in to your account, Go to “My Profile” and at the bottom area, you can see “CHANGE PASSWORD” option.
05. What is “My Account” menu in my profile ?
Once you logged in to your profile, you may see this section with following sub menus.

Dashboard : It shows a summary of “Your ads clicked/viewed Summary”, “Active Items”, “Validation Pending”, “Expired” and “Alerts”.
Alerts : If there is any alert for you.
My Profile : Your personal/business info will be available here.
Public Profile : This is the view if any guest see your profile.
Promotions : Options of promoting your ads, buying credit packs, memberships, any pending payment in cart and your transactions history will be here.
Wallet : Your current e-wallet balance will be shown here.
06. I don't need my account further more. Can I delete it ?
Of Course you can delete your account. But keep note that you can't recover the same account once you deleted.
E-wallet Management
01. What is e-wallet ?
It is a virtual wallet. All of your payments, purchased packages, pending payments, previous transactions etc. can review here. You can see 5 menu items there as:

Items : All your items will be displayed here with available options which you can pay and obtain.
Wallet & Packs : Affiliate program (if we have enabled) or available Credit Packs which you have to pay will be listed here.
Membership : We have several membership groups which apply specific flat discounts when ads are published. All membership packages have their own validity period. So you will get membership discounts before it gets expired. You can not make payments using the amount you paid for membership.
Cart : All items that you did not complete payments will be listed here.
Payments : Your all transaction history can see here.
02. What is a "Credit Pack" ?
It adds an extra amount to your payment. You will receive an additional percentage of money for each package and reduce number of small transactions.
03. Will "Credit Pack" be expired ?
No. Your credit pack amount (including bonus reward) will be available to use for payments at any time.
04. Can I do fund transfer from one account to another ?
No. You can't.
05. What is "Affiliate" program ?
If this service available, each user will get a referral code. You can see it in "My account >> Promotions >> Wallet & Packs" area. You can share it with your friend(s) and if your friend(s) used your code to register in our website, you will get an amount to your e-wallet.
Payments and prices
01. How do I make a payment ?
All types of payment options will be listed in your "Cart" section.
02. Do you refund me my money ?
All payments are NON REFUNDABLE to your bank account. But if it is a failure of our system, in such cases refund will be done to your e-wallet only. You are strictly advised to be careful when you make payments.
03. Can I make payments to get a product which is published on your site ?
We do not provide such direct selling service. It is your responsible to contact respective sellers and negotiate the price.
Based on general queries we receive, we update this section. Before contact us, please check this page to save the time of yours and ours.
Last updated on : 27-Jan-2021